Kaide (Yaletown)

Starting from last week, we implemented a new “system” to get our butts into gear and to lesson our belly fat from eating out.

Each week, both Carn.H and I start off with $25 and 5 tasks. With $5 deducted for each task not completed. Groceries and daily expenses are still paid for as per usual but this really limits our spending on snacks, coffee and eating out. So its a good way to cut back with only one month to go until our wedding (actually less than a month now – yikes!).

So any restaurant under review, for the next few weeks has been, or will have gone, through a bit of thought and consideration ^^

Carn.H has been craving sushi for a while and after hearing temptingly good things about their chirashi from a co-worker, he was determined to go to Kaide.

We were down to $20 each after last weeks deductions but off we went.

Their menu was mid-sized and had a good selection of food “types”. A few of their items were more unique and not offered at most Japanese restaurants.

Cute rainbow brush wall art. I used to have one … I wonder where it went?

Due to a burnt light bulb, I apologize for the less than ideal pictures but still identifiable… I think.

Chirashi ($13.50)

Topped with a selection of thickly sliced, well chilled tuna, wild sockeye salmon (the only kind of salmon they serve!), tamago (sweetened rolled omelette), tako (octopus), scallop, cut up inari (sweetened tofu pockets), marinated cucumber, surf clam and tobiko.

Carn.H gives it a 7.5/10 – the fish was fresh but the selection was basic. Which was understandable and expected as he could not choose their Kaide Chirashi due to his limited budget.

Roll Combo ($10.50)

A three digit roll… I don’t remember the exact name but it comes with 3 different types of fish, avocado, celery, cucumber, sweetened egg and artificial crab meat (did I miss anything?). I quite liked this roll. It has a good balance of sweetness, creaminess, fish and rice.

Manhattan Roll, requested with no cream cheese – so wild sockeye salmon, avocado,and cucumber. The salmon was well chilled and had a fresh citrus air about it. Actually, everything about this meal felt light, salad-like with a tinge of citrus ^^. The California roll was quite ordinary but it grows on you.

I felt these two rolls were inadequate deconstructed offsprings of the larger roll, but because the ingredients were essentially the same, all three rolls worked together. I also liked the fact that Kaide uses little rice around their rolls ^^

*oops* he caught me. Lol~ I assume this man, who greets you with a big smile and a boisterous greeting as you enter to be the owner and head chef. He seems like a friendly fella.

The proportions were a bit smaller than we were used to, but I’d say that they are a good size … though most guys would disagree LOL

Mmm… Watermelon!

For what you get and for what you can get within a 15 min walk, I’d say they are within the higher mid-range in terms of pricing.

likelihood of revisiting:85% – don’t expect to be blown away, but there’s something appealing about the food here ^^
culinary mindset: healthy sushi (as if sushi want healthy already – this is a whole new level, or at least gives the feeling of ^^)

For Japanese elsewhere click here

– C.Herb –
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