Nuba on Seymour

To sum it up: “over-priced, over-rated, over-cooked and over-salted”

Is it THAT bad? Well no.. But all my points are still valid.

Grilled Chicken Plate – $12

While it may look pretty, it was nothing special in terms of flavor, nothing popped or stood out. Well, except for the dryness of the chicken.

Roasted Cauliflower Pita – $8 (I think the online price was cheaper o.O)

I remember reading months ago, about Nuba’s roasted cauliflower so I thought I’d give it a try – in pita form. Which was probably a good choice considering the amount of salt they used >< The fresh veggies and slightly acidic pickles worked well to offset some of the saltiness. On the other hand, I barely noticed the spice of their hot sauce…

In all… it wasn't something I minded eating but I was disappointed for several reasons:

1) the cauliflower retained none of it's crunch after being overcooked
2) the lack of spice
3) the mundane-ness of it all
4) the length of time it took to be prepared
5) what looked like store bought pita

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: proximity

I do need to reiterate – the food wasn’t bad, just not what I was hoping for.

Nuba (Seymour) on Urbanspoon

– C.Herb –
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