Our first “real” meal as a married couple – Seb’s on Broadway

Back from a whirlwind week of pre and post wedding events, we finally had a chance to wind down.

As we both thought of Seb’s, a place we’ve been dying to try for a few months now, that was our first location of the day. And by “the day” i am referring to last last Thursday, June the 30th – the day my new nephew came to be and the day of my god-bro’s b-day ^^

The service was a little splotchy considering the time of day (ergo few customers). After what felt like a 5 minute wait, we were given menus and our drink order was taken.

Carn.H went for his usual, plain ‘ol coffee – which he said was a little on the sour side but still ok.
I decided to try their soy latte, for comparisons sake. The foam was creamy and quite tasty but the latte itself was nothing impressive

I thought their set-up was quite quaint and cute but I’m really not fond of using sugars or any type of seasoning that lie exposed for long periods of time.

We started off with the butternut squash soup which resembled a hearty vegetable root soup with generous chunks of butter squash. While we did enjoy it, it felt like a “i can make this myself at home” dish rather than an “eating out” dish.

Next, we shared to Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict which was probably the best eggs Benedict either of us have ever eaten. It came with nicely crisp potatoes and a good array of fruit.

The eggs were cooked perfectly and the biscuit was a lovely buttermilk and herb scone type which really added to the flavor and texture. The harvarti cream sauce was another great compliment to the dish.

Pigs as we were, we had also ordered a mushroom ravioli dish as our “lunch”. Which was a bad idea since we were stuffed by the time it came out. But there was no way I was going to try it cold x # of hours later, so we dug in ^^

The pasta was just a tad undercooked (for my liking anyways) and while fresh, I thought it was rolled a bit thick for ravioli. The mushroom filling was really good but was let down by the average tasting truffle sauce. I really liked the crisp cheesy toast though.

(We’re not complete pigs, as we got the rest to go ^^ )

likelihood of revisiting: 100% (for the bennies ^^)
culinary mindset: breakfast / brunch / lunch

Since Seb’s, we have eaten quite a few sushi meals, visited some wineries and stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast run by a lovely couple in Kelowna.

So bear with me as I flit between the “past” and “present” playing catch-up for the past month ^^.

– C.Herb –
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For Breakfast Food elsewhere, please click here

Location:Fraser St,Vancouver,Canada

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