As the official hole-in-one witness for the day, I have to hang around McCleery’s for a few hours.

Having arrived at 11:40, it meant I had to grab lunch at the little cafe next to the shop. Without too many choices to choose from I decided on the Oceanside Shrimp BLT – $9 + $1.5 for fries

It was pretty much what you would expect from cafeteria food. Bread that wasn’t toasted enough, mayo’d-up shrimp filling that tasted pre-packaged, sort of crisp bacon, fridge-burned tomatoes and the bare minimum amount of lettuce.

The fries were thick cut and freshly fried.

likelihood of revisiting: 0% … well the fries are a nice snack…
Culinary mindset: feed the hunger

– C.Herb –
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Location:Macdonald St,Vancouver,Canada

McCleery Clubhouse on Urbanspoon


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