Ki-isu x2

Eating out has really been a hit or a miss lately. The last few sushi meals have been especially disappointing – especially since our cheap staple, Yamato on Davie, has really fallen from our graces. In fact, their recently soggy rice and room temperature fish with a slightly odd texture has gotten to the point where I refuse to order from them anymore.

But I digress, this post is about Ki-isu. After a 5.5 hr hike at Chief last Saturday – A,E, Carn.H and I were starving. Our original game plan was Hiyori Sushi on Hornby – which was closed. So we head over to Kaide on Seymour – also closed. So I suggested Ki-isu since I had gotten take-out from them before and it was not bad.

(View from peak #3)

(SO cute… and SO tempted to pocket him as a pet ^^)

(for lunch, I had made wasabi pear chicken croissants with eggs and lettuce … Which started tasting more like an egg salad sandwich than I had hoped for lol~)

Sunomono – E said it was very refreshing ^^


Assorted Nigiri

Spicy Combo – spicy salmon roll, spicy scallop roll, spicy dynamite roll

Combo – California roll, dynamite roll, two salmon and two tuna

Chirashi Don

I didn’t get a chance to try everything but based off my combo (rolls+nigiri), everything tasted pretty good except for the rice. Because the rice was wet my California roll tasted a bit mush-like. But the fish was fresh and I heard no complaints from the others.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, Carn.H and I decided to assume the rice was freshly made and didn’t have time to reach it’s optimum state.

So! Fools that we are, we paid them another visit for dinner tonight.

It was surprisingly quiet tonight but it meant many tea re-fills and good service.

Carn.H has an obsession with ordering deluxe nigiri plates – it’s pretty much his way to determine freshness, value and most importantly, skill. I on the other hand, can’t stand nigiri unless the ingredients are very fresh, as in Tsikiji Fish Market fresh. So, I decided to try their dinner combo A – The last time we were here, I noticed they served the appetizers separately to ensure freshness ^^

Miso soup – ok, simple flavor

Gomae (for $0.50 I was able to swap out the Sunomono ^^) – the sauce was very light, almost nonexistent – so a bit plain

Tempura – freshly fried and well battered. The dip was very straight forward as well.

Massive Dinner Box

Very flavorful salad topped with stale root chips.

California roll – same soggy issue as before ><

Spicy tuna, tempura roll – the flavor was pretty good but the rice was still soggy

Teriyaki Chicken – A little on the dry side but I actually kind of liked it – especially the one mini piece of broccoli on the side – lol~

Deluxe Nigiri – you might be wondering what Carn.H is holding up…

… Oh not much, just leftover sinew on the hamachi… since we spotted the ill cut piece right away, we were surprised the chef served it like that.

But then again, he also counted 7 pieces of nigiri as 11 (just a bit of a mix up lol~)

Nigiri highlight: tai or the sea bream
Nigiri downfall: sinewy hamachi

After having both, Carn.H prefers the quality of the regular, more economical assorted nigiri over the deluxe version.

Leftovers from my dinner combo – or in other words – Carn.H’s lunch ^^

For ~$40’s worth of good and bad , I’m still searching for my next go-to sushi restaurant.

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: …

For Sushi Elsewhere, click here

– C.Herb –
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