Sushi Garden (Burnaby North)

Due to my iPhones quickly dwindling battery life – I have no photos for this post ><  So! This will just be a quick blurb until next time I happen to be by Sushi Garden ^^

C had invited me over for a lovely night of games and sushi. We had 5 girls and shared the medium party tray with a few substitutions plus additional rolls and 2 salads.  The total coming to ~$10 per head and about 6-7 pieces leftover. For the most part, everything was ok and now i understand the reason behind Sushi Garden’s long line-ups. It may not have a legit flavor or execution but the base flavors were simple and work well together. I liked how they had a bit of acidity in the rolls and made each roll “their own” in terms of composition (ie. sloppy rice) and proportioning (mmm… avocado).

Was it good “sushi”? By all definitions of that term … No. But was it an enjoyable meal? For a lazy day in, I’d say so ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: causal bites

– C.Herb –
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