Swiss Bakery – Poppy Seed!

What more can you ask for in life, than cake? Ok, don’t answer that – but I do think desserts is one of the key elements to attaining happiness (^_−)−☆

After a visit to Swiss Bakery, I noticed a few new – seasonal? – products. A few of which caught my eye … There was a German layered tree cake (baumkuchen), a type of poppy seed cake and a loaf of Pipka (a light rye bread).

I wonder what’s in the box?

Cake, of course!  Not wanting to overdo the desserts, I only allowed myself to choose one (´・_・`)

Poppy Seed Slice – Judging from the dryness of the sponge, I’d say the cake was at least a day or two old. The cake was essentially three (smaller) layers of sponge separated by a layer of buttercream and a layer of thick lemon curd. If I were to look at each component separately, I’d say that there is definitely room for improvement. But as a whole, the flavors married and worked well together to make an acceptable dessert. The outer most edge of the slice was the only part that remained quite moist – but with so much buttery creamy goodness enveloping it from two sides it only makes sense lol!

I also picked up a loaf of Pipka (the light rye bread) I didn’t realize until I was paying, but if you go right before closing there is 30% off loafs of bread! This kind of surprise I like ^^

The Pipka was more dense than I expecting, but it was a good oil absorber and after being toasted, the crust had an amazing crunch that is hard to describe.  I guess it’s just one of those things you have to try for yourself ^^

Likelihood of revisiting: 65% (there’s just so many great loaf bakeries to choose from ^^)
culinary mindset: mmm… Croissant

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– C.Herb –
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