Toshi Sushi (Main & 16th)

Friday afternoon, half day of work + a hubby who took the day off to golf with his friends = 4:30pm line up for Toshi’s ^^

“Why are we lining up??”, “When do they open??” were questions we had to justify with as we waited half an hour for Toshi’s to open.

Their inquiries were finally answered by the two remaining counter seats left, less than 5 minutes from the time Toshi opened its doors.

They had a few specials, as always, but after deliberating between the house combo or the dinner bento box, I decided to splurge for the bento since my hubby said it was his* treat that day – with our joint credit card and all lol~

The dinner box came with a bowl of miso soup – the best I’ve tasted in a while and definitely the best I’ve had in Vancouver so far. I’ve always been picky about my miso soup – even in Japan >< But kudos to Toshi’s for getting the balance just right ^^

*mmm… * Impressive… The Dinner Bento Box comes with shrimp tempura, sashimi, two pieces of the daily maki, two dishes of the day…

… and 4 pieces of nigiri sushi – ebi, sea bream, ika and tuna – which was served on a separate plate. Not being a huge fan of nigiri and knowing Carn.H’s belly I left this until the end – when he polished it all off .

The first “dish of the day” was a miso-mayo avocado salad with small chunks of tofu, shrimp and papaya. I really liked the innovative creaminess of this dish, but then again, you can’t go wrong with avocado ^^ After a few bites, the flavor gets a little boring but when paired with the second “dish of the day” it livens up again ^^

Glazed Miso Salmon – if you haven’t guessed by now, this was the second “dish of the day”. The edges were a bit overcooked and the very absolute center was just a teensy bit raw but the flavor and middle-ish area was pretty tasty ^^

Shrimp Tempura (2 pc shrimp & 1 pc sweet potato) – perfectly fried with a light, thin batter. The texture was good even if the flavor was a little bland. This, coupled with the lightly seasoned tempura sauce seemed to be a little lacking in flavor, but healthy tasting, especially for something fried.

Sashimi – 2 pc tuna, 2 pc salmon & 2 pc tako. The tuna was slightly fishy but no more so than most restaurants, the salmon was fresh and the tako had a nice crunch ^^

BC Roll – something I’m not over fond of, but the higher cucumber to salmon skin ratio made it very refreshing.

2 pcs of Uni – fresh & silky smooth, but … with little flavor ><. Better than fishy I guess – Carn.H thinks it may have been over washed.

Assorted Nigiri – tuna, ika, salmon, mackerel, …

…, fatty tuna, Alaskan clam, yellowtail, …

…, ebi, tamago, and amaebi.

Of the nigiri, I only tried a small piece of the plastic-ky, likely pre-packaged tamago.

Carn.H’s thoughts:
“Good! I like Toshi’s sushi because it always tastes like it should. My only issue is that there just isn’t enough in the assorted sushi.” – and – just to prove his point, he had 4 more pieces of nigiri, 3 pieces of sashimi and one maki from my bento.
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

(Carn.H really likes the ika when paired with beefsteak leaf – just the way Toshi does it.)

What else was at the table:

Negi-toro roll, spicy tuna roll, mackerel nigiri and red tuna? nigiri. A said the spice was really good and the negi-toro must have been good since he ordered another ^^

On top of his own Dinner Bento, M also ordered an unakyu roll – which i tried and thought it was ok. Probably could have used a bit more sauce though.

likelihood of revisiting: 90%
culinary mindset: casual yet professional

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Location:17 Ave E,Vancouver,Canada

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