Shima-Ya (Victoria St)

Against my better, frugal judgement we are eating out – yet again.

Of our list of Japanese Restaurants to try, Shima-Ya was one of the top few remaining. We arrived around 6:30pm and was surprised by the lack of customers. There were two people at the counter, one take out order… and us.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided on…

Salmon Onigiri ($3)

I was quite disappointed by this, as it was flavorless, filled with dry – possibly microwaved – salmon and surrounded by a LOT of unseasoned rice. On top of all that, the seaweed wasn’t even crisp ><

I also ordered a Spicy Tuna Roll ($3.95) and a Kanavo Roll ($3.65)

The spicy tuna was very soya sauce tasting and had a stinging spice. Different, but quite nice – the tuna had been pulverized into a creamy smooth paste and I only wish the onigiri filling had been done the same way.

What’s a Kanavo Roll you ask? It is pickled gourd with avocado. The pickled gourd was candy-like which was actually a great accompaniment for the stinging spice of the spicy tuna. On a side note – because the avocado wasn’t ripe enough, it really didn’t play any significant flavor or texture role.

Carn.H ordered the assorted sushi ($15)

Hokkigai – quite good
Mackerel – the star of the plate
Salmon – flavorless
Ika – very chewy
Tuna – flavorless, but natural tasting

Tuna Maki – “reminds me of Japan”
Shrimp – good
Tamago – good

I tried a bit of the tamago and I thought it had that tough, overcooked slightly bubbled edge that I didn’t like, but at least it wasn’t plastic-ky fake tasting.

When Carn.H asked me what
I thought of Shima-Ya I had a hard time putting my thoughts into words. I thought it was good, but not great. Satisfying, yet not really.

Carn.H made a pretty good point – we’ve become too accustomed to, what seems like, tenderized re-flavored fish around the city. So when we have, what we assume to be a more natural, less flavored fish – we get confused.

Likelihood of Revisiting: 50/50
Culinary Mindset: Debatable

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