Western Lake Dim Sum

Throughout elementary and junior high, my grandpa would take me and my brother to dim sum every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of our summer breaks.  On the weekends, there was even more dim sum with a larger group of family.  So, I naturally grew tired of dim sum and regardless, there are only a few select dishes I eat.  In fact, my family knew not to choose dim sum if they wanted me to join in for lunch.  My aversion for dim sum has gotten better in the last couple of years and a few weeks ago, I actually had an odd craving for dim sum.   So we decided to go to Western Lake – C and M have been there a few times and have always been impressed by the sheer size of their dim sums.

With only 4 of us we couldn’t go all out but we still had a good variety going.

Egg Tart

The custard was ok but the pastry wasn’t >< It had that condensed uncooked feel that either results from wettened dough or dough that had been undebaked and then rebaked.

Beef Balls – I didn’t have any but I heard they were ok ^^

“lor mai gai” – savory filled sticky rice

I’m not a fan of this particular dim sum but Carn.H told me that this was the one that stood out for him (in a good way).

Shrimp Spring Rolls – bendy, chewy, sort of crisp shell wrapped around a shrimp filling. I liked that they used actual clumps of shrimp rather than a paste but I wished they had seasoned the filling better as it was quite bland.

XO Sauce Turnip Cake – the turnip cakes were mostly dough with very little turnip. The XO was used rather sparingly and rather then being pan fried, I’m pretty sure they deep fried this dish.  Not as healthy, but at least it meant it was kind of crisp on all sides.

S&P Squid – so NOT good … The dough was overly thick and they failed to dry the squid before battering resulting in a soggy in-between layer and batter that just slipped right off.

“Ja Leung” – deep fried dough sticks wrapped in rice roll – we had asked for sauce on the side because I like to keep the dough crisp, but it made absolutely no difference when the waitress decided douse the soya sauce over top once it reached our table, not that it made the overfried, overly densed dough any worse than it already was.  What should have been a nice fluffy, airy interior with a nicely crisp exterior wall was more like an overly fried stick of bread… well.. maybe not THAT bad… but still pretty bad ><

“ha gow” – shrimp dumplings – another dish I tend to avoid – they were HUGE – pretty impressive I admit, but the bursted, split wrap was a bit of a disappointment. The taste was nothing amazing but not bad, according to Carn.H

Siu Mai – pork and mushroom dumplings topped with tobiko – other gigantic dish (for dim sum, anyways)

It was oversteamed, but not bad.

Steamed Pork Ribs – overly tenderized, but I liked it. The meat had a nice velvety crunch and the flavor was quite good.

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: filling the belly

While the size was impressive, the flavor and price tag was not.

– C.Herb –
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