Sciue – Pizza (Yaletown)

M just can’t say no to pizza, so we took him to Sciue in Yaletown last Saturday.

I tried their panini the last time I was there so I was still quite curious about their pizza as well.

Their pizza is sold by weight, so you can choose as many flavors of whatever size you’d want. We decided to keep it simple and chose 3 of the ~10 pizza types they had available.

Soy Latte – not verygood … The espresso flavor was barely there and the soy itself was watery and a little grainy.

Cheese Pizza

The cheese was only partially melted but that didn’t matter as it wasn’t the highlight. The olive oil on this pizza was AMAZING as was the black pepper ^^

Smoked Salmon Pizza

This pizza was served cold and I thought that it was more salad like than pizza like – definitely my fav of the three – I think the cream cheese had been softened with olive oil, which was a nice touch as it was much more creamy and light ^^ There was also a very oily fishy flavor – maybe they used additional fish oils? It threw me off a bit but I liked it ^^

Bocconcini Tomato Pizza – the bocconcini was very fresh and light, which pretty much summarized the whole pizza ^^

I mentioned in my last Sciue post that I really liked the glutenous dough in both the panini and Italian doughnut and I’m positive the pizza dough was from the same recipe-variant.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I would definitely go back for the pizza, but would satiate my caffeine cravings elsewhere

Likelihood of Revisiting: 60%
Culinary Mindset: Brunch/Lunch

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– C.Herb –
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