Please excuse the following rant…

Gone are the days of thick cut deliciously soft toast. Instead, feel free to enjoy cold, overly buttered slices of bread

– or –

French Toast made from the SAME buttered toast. Who uses pre-buttered toast for French Toast anyways??? Does the nice soggy greasy center sound that appealing? Or did it seem like it would give it the crisp exterior it was clearly lacking??

Slightly warm with flavorlessly herbed potatoes and two slices of tomato I am clearly not impressed. WHY would you treat your bread that way – WHY??

Oh.. and the bland but otherwise ok latte with too much foam. L-a-t-t-e, not cappucino, latte.

Likelihood of revisiting: 0%
Culinary Mindset: shoulda went for the sandwich

… I normally wouldn’t be so disappointed, but it seems like every time I find sth good about Bonchaz, they somehow ruin it ><

– C.Herb –
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Bonchaz Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Location:W Hastings St,Vancouver,Canada


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