Central Grand (Dim Sum, Calgary AB)

Central Grand… or in other words “the place  on the 2nd Fl of New Asia”

Their wall by the cashier is littered with pictures of HK stars who have dined there – I think the fairchild peeps just really like bringing guests to this restaurant. Grand Central is quite well known for their both their high prices and quality but most people tend to shy away, opting for more economical choices.

We started off with the usual

… more of the usual…  just the dim sum staples, really.

Egg Tarts! They’ve had the best dim sum egg tarts for the longest time…

… so I was a little disappointed they weren’t was flakey as I remember … but being straight out of the oven made it a bit better…

Actually, we ordered a LOT more food then what is above… some above average, some below but all-in-all no real complaints.  Of everything, I enjoyed the “lor mai fan” (savory glutenous rice) the most ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 50/50 (depends – whose paying? LOL!)
culinary mindset: good, solid dim sum

For more on our weekend in Calgary click here

Central Grand Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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