Geisha Girl

7 weeks after our wedding, we were due for another road trip to Calgary.

The days leading up meant a purge of our fridge …

Geisha Girl’s

M (and by “M” I am referring to one of the three M’s that have appeared in my posts … time for a new system methinks) …

Anyways, so M was telling me about a lovely cocktail of strawberry puree, cranberry juice, raspberry vodka and vanilla vodka all served up in a lime sugared rim glass — the ingredients of which he delivered to me two days later ^^ He stressed the importance of the sugared rim and he was right! If you drank the liquid portion on it’s own the flavor was incomplete and more harsh. But the lime sugared rim adds that extra bit of acidity and the sugar balances out the flavor.

If you want to get someone drunk w/o them knowing – this is the way to go ^^

likelihood of remaking: 75%


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