Higher Ground (Kensington, Calgary AB)

Quad Espresso for Carn.H

Nut ‘n Honey for me ^^

Higher Ground was one of the first places to play around with flavor combinations in Calgary (well.. as far as I knew back then anyways)..  They have some pretty solid flavor combo’s and were (and probably still are?) well known for their chocolate whip cream.  I don’t tend to go for flavored drinks anymore as I get enough of my sugar fill through desserts, but the Nut ‘n Honey has almost become a ritual every time we visit Calgary ^^  Then again, it is a pretty good central meeting place and they serve a fair selection of food, dessert, beer and wine.

Likelihood of Revisiting: 80%
Culinary Mindset: Good place to hang out – especially now that they’ve slowed down there’s actually tables available LOL

For more on our weekend in Calgary click here

Higher Ground Cafe on Urbanspoon


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