Peppino’s (Kensington, Calgary AB)

But to be completely honest, the MAIN reason we were back in Kensington just minutes before our drive back to Vancouver, was Carn.H’s immense love for Peppino’s.

Peppino’s is  a little Italian Deli and market.  I remember their coffee being just ok, but their sandwiches are pretty tasty.

As we only had dim sum 2 hours ago, we planned to have it as a late lunch/early dinner. Upon hearing this, the sandwich maker/owner said “I’ll make it in a way the bread won’t get soggy” aww… so nice ^^

But… it just smelled too good!  And it seemed like such a waste not to eat it fresh! We’re pigs… I know!

Artichoke Turkey – Probably one of the “lighter” choices on their menu.

Hoe Down Hogie – Ham, capicollo, genoa salami topped with fresh onions, hot peppers, lettuce, cheese, and spiced olive oil dressing

Carn.H’s staple.  Packed full of flavors and supple deli meat.  This one we did wait for as we were pretty stuffed.  We did experience a little bit of sogginess on one side of the bread, but quite understandable, being 4 or 6 hours later.  I really like the flavor combo of this one but it’s just SO much meat!  So it’s a good thing Carn.H doesn’t mind me nibbling around the edges for the non onion-nified and hot pepper ridden center ^^

Peppino’s uses a very interesting bread – it’s soft, slightly chewy and has a tinge of sour dough flair.  Normally, it’s not the type of bread I would buy in a bakery, but it works well with their ingredients ^^

Likelihood of Revisiting: 100% (I don’t think Carn.H would ever think otherwise lol~)
Culinary Mindset: Italian Sandwiches

For more on our weekend in Calgary click here

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