Towa Sushi

Towa, on 14th street, is known for it’s large hard-to-fit-in-your-mouth rolls.

5 years ago, their prices were considered quite high but reasonable for what you get. Now, both points are debatable…

D LOVES his tamago…

So he was quite content with the thickly sliced large pieces of tamago.

Alaska Roll (D’s), California Roll (D’s) and Sunset Roll (mine ^^)

So much cheese! (not much salmon though) Lol~ great for cream cheese lovers ^^

I traded D for a piece of california – it was tasty, but could have used more avocado…

I thought the sunset roll had too much rice and not enough fish to balance it out. Coupled with the super crunchy angular cucumber that filled the center, it was even more watered down in flavor and pretty awkward to chew. I had totally forgotten about the spicy wakame and thought it was an aged spicy ginger which just didn’t seem to belong.

Like my reconstruction?

likelihood of revisiting: 10%
culinary mindset: testing the waters… every so often we will visit Towa’s hoping for a glimpse of it’s former glory, … it’s been 4 or 5 years now…

For more on our weekend in Calgary click here

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