Vietnam Palace (Calgary, AB)

Vietnam Palace – otherwise known as – “The Vietnamese Restaurant where Coffee Time used to be” (16th Ave)

Rare Beef w. Satay & Peanut (~$8.50? I don’t remember the exact price BUT I do remember that they have a pretty sweet deal – buy two get one free bowl of Pho ^^)

I liked their slightly thinner style noodles and the broth tasted like it had a tomato-based flavor with a kick. Not quite satay but I didn’t mind it ^^

Carn.H decided on the version with no peanuts (sorry, no pic ><) and his broth was the regular beef broth style with a layer of oil (satay) on top. Judging from the sweat on his face, this one was quite spicy too ^^

It might just be the AB beef, but I don’t think Vancouver can beat Calgary in the Pho category. Well … maybe in the authenticity department lol~

Likelihood of Revisiting: 50%
Culinary Mindset:Central

For more on our weekend in Calgary click here

Vietnam Palace Grill & Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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