Wa’s (Sushi)

Located just a little North of 16th Ave and Center St, I’ve completely forgotten about this sushi restaurant until Carn.H suggested Wa’s for his mom’s belated b-day dinner.

Wa’s menu is pretty diverse – not a huge selection of each but a good mix of both traditional and contemporary apps, rolls, grilled fish and ramen.

(… a house roll on steroids) *mmm… * each piece is like 3 pieces of nigiri combined into 1 – as you can prob see from the picture the selection consisted of california, salmon, chopped scallop, spicy tuna, sea bream and Unagi.

I had the chopped scallop and the spicy tuna. The non-bitter scallop (yay~) was tossed in a light mayo mix and topped with fresh tobiko (flying fish roe). The spicy tuna had a pretty good flavor and texture as well but I found I had to flatten down the tuna and manually mix in the spicy sauce before eating. The “base” added a great crunch as the roll was filled with tempura bits, cucumber and if memory serves me right – avocado. Definitely not a one-bite piece of sushi..

(… Dragon Roll?)
Toasty warm Unagi over creamy avocado over a california roll – can’t go wrong with that! While quite tasty, nothing out of my expectations. Which is quite a compliment actually – I don’t order Unagi often as most places either serve it room temp. and coagulated-like or cut it up in the weirdest cost-cutting ways.

Spicy Maguro and Avocado Salad – just as the name suggests. It was ok.

Sunrise Roll – box sushi style – very similar to Toshi’s but quite different too. Topped with smoked salmon and lemon slices and sandwiched by two THICK layers of slightly soggy sushi rice, I didn’t like how all the cream cheese was concentrated slightly off center, next to the avocado and protected by fresh salmon.

Oh well, live and learn.

Our receipt is a pretty inaccurate reflection of Wa’s pricing. We wanted to make it a little more special for Carn.H’s mommy, but I do think $20 a roll is a bit steep. Their regular rolls were much cheaper and some of the specialty rolls were only $12. But everyone seemed quite happy with the food.

Wa's Japanese on Urbanspoon


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