Weekend in Calgary – Glossified

OK. I decided to change it up – rather than my previous loooong amalgamation of posts, this is going to a “glossory” post,^^

7 weeks after our wedding, we were due for another road trip to Calgary.

The days leading up meant a purge of our fridge …

Geisha Girl’s
likelihood of remaking: 75%

Mango Cream Udon w. Smoked Salmon
Likelihood of remaking:100%
Changes: I’d wanna add capers next time ^^


… before a series of eating “out”

Tim Horton’s Cinnamon Bun
Likelihood of re-buying: 0%
culinary mindset: …


Wa’s Sushi
Likelihood of Revisiting: 50/50
Culinary Mindset: Contemporary


Original Joe’s (Kensington)

Spoon Me (Kensington)
Likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: novelty


Delta Bow Valley Bistro

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: complimentary


Vietnam Palace – otherwise known as – “The Vietnamese Restaurant where Coffee Time used to be” (16th Ave)
Likelihood of Revisiting: 50%
Culinary Mindset:Central


Buttercream Bake Shoppe (17th Ave)

likelihood of revisiting: 66% (I like them! I just don’t crave them)
culinary mindset: sweet tooth


Caffe Beano
likelihood of revisiting: 66%
Culinary mindset: hmmm…?


Towa Sushi
likelihood of revisiting: 10%
culinary mindset: testing the waters… every so often we will visit Towa’s hoping for a glimpse of it’s former glory, … it’s been 4 or 5 years now…


Papa Herb’s “home” cooking!

Central Grand… or in other words “the place  on the 2nd Fl of New Asia”
likelihood of revisiting: 50/50 (depends – whose paying? LOL!)
culinary mindset: good, solid dim sum


Higher Ground (Kensington)
Likelihood of Revisiting: 80%
Culinary Mindset: Good place to hang out – especially now that they’ve slowed down there’s actually tables available LOL


Likelihood of Revisiting: 100% (I don’t think Carn.H would ever think otherwise lol~)
Culinary Mindset: Italian Sandwiches

Mama Herb’s Bento

Instant Herbal Medincine Flavor


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