Trees Organic – quiche

Looking for a place to enjoy the fresh air, a bit of sunshine, some lunch and hopefully work on my thank you cards – I decided to go to Trees Organic on Seymour and Pacific.

Having had my morning cup of coffee not too long ago I decided to hold off on the caffeine.

Other than cheesecake, scones and banana bread – they don’t seem to have too many food options. A saw a reasonable selection of sandwiches and a display of quiches. There is no visible food menu so I don’t exactly know what they have available or their prices. I do know they don’t serve soup – as I’ve asked before. I decided to go for the spinach and feta quiche as it looked quite fresh.

I was told it would be brought out to me after reheating (I’m 80% sure this was accomplished using a microwave) – so I had a seat at one of the three tables outside – a few minutes later I saw the waitress running past me… and it looked like she wasn’t coming back… I decided to wait a few more minutes before heading in to let the other staff member know that my quiche had been forgotten ><

The forgotten quiche ($7.38 w. tax) was apologized for, re-plated and served with a side of salad.

The quiche was quite tasty and fluffy rather then dense ^^. I was surprised it was still warm – which was a good thing since it didn’t taste nearly as good when it had cooled down. The pastry had softened and was slightly soggy from being microwaved… but the flavors made up for it.

The salad was fresh but the flavor of the dressing wasn’t there. I’m not too sure what they were going for – but if it was oiliness, they achieved it.

On a side note – this location is LOUD… I didn’t expect there to be so much traffic, especially from larger vehicles which tended to back-up and screech *beep* *beep* *beep* … So much for a relaxing friday afternoon …

culinary mindset: take-out
likelihood of revisiting: 25%

– C.Herb –
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Location:20 Ave E,Vancouver,Canada


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