Osaka Tako Hero

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Ooooh a Takoyaki Stand! Who can say no to takoyaki?

Pretty decent price too – then again, it’s most restaurants that’s are grossly overpriced. But 5 tako’s … er.. “Heros” for $3.50 is pretty good.

I decided to order the spicy sauce w. dried seaweed.

The guy behind the cart had a plastic mouth guard, which I thought that was a great idea – for obvious sanitary reasons. He took great care in making sure each Hero was crisp all around before serving. From the constant checking of readiness to the use of low heat – one can tell that he wasn’t as skilled but the crispy exterior and the soft doughy inside proved his dedication.

The piece of tako inside was soft and full of flavor – I guess one of the benefits of using low heat is the non-over-cooked-ness of the tako ^^

My one complaint is the spicy sauce… It tasted like a Korean variant but with a metallic corn syrupy flavor which just doesn’t want to leave your mouth… Next time I’m going for the regular sauce.

likelihood of revisiting: 95%
culinary minset: snacking ^^

Side Note – If ever in Tokyo, be sure to try the Gindako under Shinjuku Station *drools*! (and then go for the Tai-yaki just a a few footsteps away ^^).

– C.Herb –
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