Edgewater Lodge – Restaurant

We decided to spend a weekend in Whistler for what J likes to refer to as Doomsday aka. My Birthday ^^

My hubby decided to surprise me with two dinner reservations. Because it was a little last minute on his part, the restaurants he had in mind were already fully booked. He was finally able to secure a table for 8:30 at Edgewater after some convincing.

It was already quite dark out when we arrived.

And soon evident why they were hesitant to taking on another table at that time – the lake was complete masked in the darkness of the light – but I heard it’s supposed to be completely green in color and quite beautiful lol~

*Mmm* soft pillowy bread with a crisp outer shell

I liked the extra sweetness of the reduced balsamic vinegar glaze and the ratio of flavors the bread is able to pick up in this form.  However, I did find the olive oil to be oddly tin-like in flavor although Carn.H disagreed.

We decided to start with the Ceasar Salad with Panko Breaded Artichoke Hearts

We really liked how the fresh artichokes were lightly flavored and surrounded by a lovely crunch. The batter was a tad on the thick side but the flavors of the well tossed salad balanced it out.

For my main, I decided to try the Grilled Fresh Scallops with Green Pea Ravioli.

This came with a good amount of well cooked ravioli.   A little boring on the flavor and texture scale but the perfect cooked-ness nonetheless…

The pea and ricotta filling was my favorite part of the dish. It was really smooth with a vegetably sweetness. The pasta was fresh and quite good as well.

I was however, disappointed in the white wine and minted cream sauce as it just tasted like liquid cream … And for $34 I would have thought they would use snap peas or other fresh greens rather than what seemed like gritty bland frozen peas. which leads me to wonder where the flavoring from the ravioli filling came from… Either they used two different batches of peas or the flavor was manmade…

Carn.H chose the Wild Mushroom, Pecan and Yam Ragout in Phyllo.

This one was packed full of flavors, each component quite different from the rest. I think he quite enjoyed it ^^

We took a quick glance at the dessert menu because we were quite full from the meal and nothing in particular caught our eye we decided to step out fro some fresh air instead ^^

Likelihood of Revisiting: 10%
Culinary Mindset: diverse

– C.Herb –
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Location:Whistler, BC

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Location:Whistler, BC


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