Man Ri Sung

So after hearing so much about Korean Peking Duck and accidentally going for regular Peking Duck after some miscommunication, we finally made it to Man Ri Sung on Saturday.

The store front isn’t viewable from Westminster Hwy so we actually passed by the strip mall it was nestled in.

Because I had reserved a duck the day before they seemed very intent on getting the dinner going even though we were still waiting for A. Before I even had a chance to really look through the menu, the owner/chef approached us with suggestions … in mandarin. With 2 non-speakers and 3 patchy speakers, the communication wasn’t exactly smooth but at least I was able to understand 90% and convey 10% ^^. While I was appreciative of his suggestions I didn’t like how forceful he was going about it. After he approached us a third time within what felt like 5 minutes I finally ok’d his choices plus an order of Ja Jang Mein.

Ban Chans! Pretty average but in a good way – quite homey.

Soy wraps + a green onion and onion medley for the duck.

Japchae (Stir fried Korean glass noodle). This dish was quite bland, but otherwise ok.

We soon spotted the chef about to slice the duck about 3 meters away. Because of the distance, we thought that it was for another table.

But we were proved wrong minutes later when the wings arrived at our table.

Wow… Meaty. The meat wasn’t especially flavorful nor was the skin crisp but the meat was moist and there wasn’t much fat which was nice. This, combined with the thick slices of chewy, watery tasting soy wrap and lightly flavored sauce didn’t quite strike a note with me, but was an interesting twist.

Seafood Pancake

THE dish of the night. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. There wasn’t a lot of seafood, but it was a good balance.

Ja Jang Mein. Not too shabby actually, just need to eat the flavor packed veggie bits together with the noodles for more of an impact.

Carn.H thought this dish was the highlight of the night – but I felt the noodles were slightly overcooked.

“lemon chicken” that tasted more like sweet and sour chicken … We were asked if spice was ok, but I barely noticed any spice at all.

It was tasty, especially when compared with the more mild flavors on the table but I’ve had better.

Hot pot with knife/hand(?) cut noodles.

This had a nice roasted duck flavor and the noodles were above average for it’s type but it wasn’t especially memorable.

Overall, not a bad meal but not one I would crave for or feel the need to have again. Except, maybe for the seafood pancake ^^

After tip everything was about $120 or in other words $20/head.

Likelihood of revisiting: 30% (but not for the Korean Peking Duck)
Culinary Mindset: homey

– C.Herb –
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