Sushi Town x 3

September (and October) has been a pretty busy month for us in terms of families visiting from out of town.

A family friend of ours suggested Sushi Town for dinner and I soon found out there were 4 locations. When I called the Burnaby location for a reservation they told me that they can’t accommodate tables over 6 so I asked for 2 tables of 6 to be seated as close as possible – which was ok.

Sushi Town (Burnaby) – visit #1:

At our *ahem* “kids table” of eight, we decided to go for a large (XL?) platter to share and two extra rolls – mangodise and spider.

Mangodise Roll – was a bit of a disappointment as there was only a thin silver of mango and the mayo was quite overpowering.

Tuna, Salmon and Ebi – pretty decent

Assorted Sashimi – thick slices of fresh sashimi – which all seemed to be pretty fresh.

Rolls – very similar flavors in a few but not bad.

More nigiri – the scallop was my fav and the Unagi above average

More rolls (I liked the unagi one ^^)

All-in-all we were quite impressed of the quality for the price we paid. My parents immediate scrapped the “all-you-can-eat” dinner we had planned saying this was much better deal – and I agree.

Def. my new fav. cheap sushi joint now that Yamato has failed me the last few attempts.

Sushi Town (North Vancouver) – visit #2:

On our way back from Whistler, we figured the N.Van location was as “on the way” as it could actually get for us so we took a mini detour and stopped at…
McDonalds? *lol~* not exactly the type of food I usually pair sushi with but it works … I guess ^^

This location has a completely different look and feel from its counterpart in Burnaby. Apparently, it contemporary image came a wine bar (next to McD’s? 0.o) that used to inhabit this space.

Wakame – had a good crunch. The seaweed/laver looked a bit different from what is normally served at Japanese restaurants – about 10% was an opaque lime green variant.

Negitoro roll – cheap! And tasty (according to Carn.H)

Combo (he seemed to enjoy it ^^)

Spicy Tuna Roll and Double Dragon Roll

Unagi on the inside and out? Sweetness! By far my fav. roll from Sushi Town, mostly because of the avocado and the non chewiness of the eel.

Spicy tuna – spicy spicy mush… I kind of liked it but it had that metallic tinge of Korean spice and it’s not a roll you can eat continuously.


Sushi Town (North Vancouver) – Try #3:

It was Carn.H’s family’s turn to visit Vancouver so took them to Sushi Town (we try to introduce new restaurants each time they visit)

Gomae – average

A noodle salad – I was disappointed b/c they used vermicelli when either the description/google search of the dish said glass noodles ><

Wakame – same crunch as try#2 ^^

Tray for 3 – nigiri (surprisingly, they do not serve the party tray for 6 at this location)

Cooked Rolls (for a newly expectant mother – congrats again to J&M ^^)

My curiosity got the better of me – The one w. mayo was the filet ‘o fish roll … and unless u like tartar, batter and rice – I would not suggest this dish

Takoyaki – also above average ^^

Agedashi Tofu – very nicely fried, although my one compliant would be their use of super firm (rough) tofu

Yam Tempura Roll – I would have preferred the orange yam but this was ok, just a bland starchy feel.

Tray for 3 plus various rolls and salads.

I totally over ordered for 5 adults and a toddler but there was a bit of everything for everyone.

AND lots leftover for lunch – mwahahah~

Likelihood of Revisiting: 75%
Culinary Minset: Casual

– C.Herb –
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Sushi Town (North Vancouver) on Urbanspoon


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