Foundation (on Main)

After driving by the foundation day after day on our way to work, Carn.H and I finally made it a point to try them out on Saturday.  It must have been the rain b/c the restaurant was only 1/4 full and it normally looks pretty busy on a weekend day.

Carn.H decided on the…


He liked it well enough and would possibly order it again.  I thought the salad dressing was interesting in a good way – reminding me of chinese mango pudding/ice cream that had been melted down and chilled.


I decided to go light with a salad.  The peanut dressing was pretty good and was anything but light lol~
Halfway through, I noticed that the dressing to salad ratio was getting pretty skewed and the saltiness of the dressing was really coming through, taking the enjoyment level of the dish down a few notches.  That said,we still preferred the satay salad over the foundation burger and $9 (hst incl.) for each dish is pretty decent.

Given the choice, I much prefer the Coup in Calgary, but I’d come back ^^

Likelihood of revisiting: 75%
Culinary Mindset: Meatless


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Random shots:


(Wall quotes)


(Menu Shot)


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