Matchstick Roasterie (on Kingsway)

Matchstick caught Carn.H’s eye the moment he saw the bustling movement by Le Faux B.  We were both ecstatic when we were able to confirm the new caffeine addition to Kingsway. Other than the Cedar Cottage Coffee House nearby, we didn’t have many options within a walkable distance – being a roasterie was also a plus ^^

The place was PACKED when we went in Saturday morning.  We stood at the bar/social counter for 5-10 minutes before a table finally opened up.  The cafe was quite reflective, with sounds bouncing off (rather than being absorbed by) most surfaces.  You could say that it gave off a pretty social vibe but than again, it could just remind you of being at dim sum.



I got a Latte, as usual, and a croissant to share.  The Latte was a bit weak and on the sour side so I’m really hoping that it is not their standard roast.


Butter Croissant

The croissant – I had a love hate relationship with. The crust was crisp, flaky and quite delish.  On the other hand, the flesh was really oily/buttery and and felt weighed down by those two factors – ergo – not a flake in sight.



Carn.H decided on not one, but TWO Macchiato’s.  Two reasons: 1) the caffeine felt a bit weak and 2) the foam was just that good.

Likelihood of revisiting: 70% (mostly for the atmosphere and proximity)
Culinary Mindset: explorer mode

~C.Herb~    (≥∇≤)ノ

For Caffeine elsewhere, click here

Matchstick Coffee on Urbanspoon


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