Red Star – (っ ̄∇ ̄)っ King Crab Dinner

Our long awaited King Crab Dinner:

Who: Table of 13
What: King Crab, Peking Duck, etc.
When: Friday March 9th
Where: Red Star (Granville & 66th)
Why: Co-worker Recommendation/It’s King Crab Season!

The Goods

Appetizer Platter: Pork Hock, Jelly Fish, Crispy Suckling Pig, Soya Chicken

(^^): Pretty standard but well prepared.  The flavors were there but not overpowering


Steamed Garlic King Crab

(^^): Sweet, Supple and Plentiful.  Cooked perfectly – so the fresh flavors of the crab really came through.

Peking Duck: 1st Course

(^^): Serving shortly after the crab, it was probably a bad judgement call by the kitchen as both dishes need to be had “at the moment”.  Of course the crab, being the highlight of the night, got most of the attention.  The skin was crisp but the wrap was much too thick and too large for portion of duck given.  (Each plate was served individually).

Pea Shoots w. Egg White Sauce (1.5 servings)

(^^): Up-to-Standard

Salt and Pepper Sea Bass

(^^): My fav dish of the night.  The fish was really creamy and the batter was light and crisp.  My only complaint was the lack of salt and pepper.

Peking Duck: 2nd Course – lettuce wraps

(^^): The lettuce was fresh and I didn’t see any browning spots which is always a good sign.  The filling was crunchy and the oil was under control – another well-made dish.

Mayo Shrimp (1.5 servings?)

(^^): The shrimps were a tad under-cooked but pretty close to perfect.  A bit too mayo’d though.

front: Choy Sum w. Egg Tofu and Mushrooms (1.5 servings)

(^^): up-to-standards

back: Beef Tenderloin in what seemed like an orange flavored sauce (1.5 servings?)

(^^): tasty ^^ the beef was tender and the sauce would be great with rice

Crab Sauce Noodles

(^^): Overcooked and didn’t taste like much …

back: Lotus Rice

back: Lotus Rice, revealed

(^^): Fragrant and flavorful.  A fairly heavy dish as the rice appeared to have absorbed a fair bit of preserved duck fat.

Dessert: Complimentary Mini Sesame Balls & Lotus Pastries
Dessert (not shown): Baked Tapioca Pudding& Mango Pudding

(^^): You read right, we had THREE desserts – pigs, I know.  To keep it short and simple, I didn’t like the Sesame Balls – over-fried I think, the lotus pastries were my fav and the two puddings were a bit too dense for my liking.  The Mango Pudding did have a good flavor and the Baked Tapioca had a well made crust but overall – I’ve had better.

Total Damage: $60/person

Likelihood of Revisiting: 100%  (almost perfect cook times are pretty rare so ^^)
Culinary Mindset: Seafood

Red Star Seafood 鴻星海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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