Who is C.Herb?


I think every situation and thing has a different identity depending on the social setting and who the audience is.  For the main purpose of this blog, I am a foodie.  A person who loves to eat and cook what is hopefully, delicious food.  I often plan my schedule around food.  Take particular routes that pass by my favorite bakery or bubble tea shop.  Growing up, “going out” with my family meant “grocery shopping” for the restaurant (and ourselves) as well as eating out.  Even vacationing with my fiancé* (now husband ^^) often revolves around the ethnic dishes we’ve been dying to try out.
While food plays a big part in my life, wedding planning has* (had ^^) started to consume me.  Slowly becoming overwhelmed with details I’ve also* (^^) decided that sharing my experiences may potentially help other brides-to-be.  Browsing the web, I have* (had^^) found tidbits of inspiration as well as advice to plan my big day.
Other topics of interest to me are jewelry and just random fun, weird and different things that you see in life.

Why is there an “s” in Carnivorous Herbivores?
Because there are two of us!  For now, I am the predominant writer of this blog, but there is a secondary voice who will not stay unheard!

Why “Carnivorous Herbivores”?
Almost every couple has a special “name” they call each other.  Due to the private nature of the matter, I will not be disclosing exactly what those are for us.  However, I can tell you that my nickname is that of a carnivore and his, a herbivore.  The funny thing is, I love my veggies and he, his meat.  But due to each others influence,we now have a much more balanced diet or in other words, a carnivorous herbivore’s diet. ^^


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