Ganache Pattiserie (Yaletown)
Unique flavors, pretty good execution, tasty cake.  While a little on the pricey side (~$6 per slice) the qaulity is much better than most in Vancouver.  I would stay away from the coffee…    *cake review to come*

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: special occasions or just a pick-me-up on a bad day ^^ 

Tung Hing Bakery (Kingsway)
Deliciously cheap Vietnamese subs. The french bread here is always fresh with a great crunch.  While they may not be the best as plain Jane – they work excellently for the subs they serve as well as for bruschetta’s and the like.

likelihood of revisiting: 100%
culinary mindset: quick/cheap meals/take-out

Anna’s Cake House (Broadway)
Fresh Asian style cake at it’s best ^^  Not too sweet, spongey and soft.  The first time I tried their cake was at a wedding and I was impressed by the fresh tasty goodness ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: casual/special occasions 

Fratelli (Commercial Drive)
Great breads!  The selection is limited in the afternoon because they sell out fast! Our favorite is a jalapeno variety which has a nice crunchy curst, pillowy soft center and hits of spice ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: great for anytime of the day

Mix the Bakery (West 10th)
Friendly staff with nothing to dislike.  Bread? check.  Cookies? check.  Coffee? check. 

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: Sunday ^^ (just cuz they’re so far LOL) 

Pine House Bakery (Victoria)
I have yet to find a Chinese bakery that I love but if I had to choose one where ALL items were consistently “good” it would be Pine House ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: casual 

Bonchaz (E. Hastings)
While I do *like* their bun’s, they are just too similar to the Chinese varient for me to pay the “speciality” price tag.  The brekkie on the other hand, isn’t bad for eating out.  

likelihood of revisiting: 30%
culinary mindset: causual brekkie/lunch ^^  

New Town Bakery (Chinatown)
While I do not double their ability to make tasty morsels, I definately doubt their cleaniess.  What was once my favorite place for egg tarts and spicy pork buns will forever be a memory…


likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: “Would you like a cockroach with your order?”



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