“To Cook” List

I have a love hate relationship with cooking.  Cooking is interesting for me when I’m trying new ingredients, flavors or just recipes I’ve never made before.  I tend to get tired of cooking when it’s repetitive and just becomes a chore.  So I like to look up recipes to keep from eating/cooking the same flavors over and over again.  If I’m lazy or have never tried to make anything remotely similar I tend to follow the recipe to a T.  But most times I use them for inspiration or modify them to fit the needs of my pantry.

I’ve never baked before January 2010 either, so recipes come pretty handy in terms of cookies and breads and the like.  ^^

On the top of my list:

A flaky egg tart, I have only been able to find one bakery with egg tarts I claim to be satsifactory.  Unfortunately for me, … click here if you want to know more

Country Loaf – I’m a lazy baker, so this recipe seems pretty alright ^^

5 Min Bread – yes? no? YES!
Guinness Milk Shake?!?   – mm… enticing, even to a non-beer drinker like me ^^
Cinnamon Buns using the… autolyse method 0.O – love cinnamon buns – PLUS – a new methodology to make them even tastier??

Tuscan Lemon Muffins



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