Sushi Zero One

A tiny, well raved, hole-in-the-wall:

Who: Counter of 2
What: Rolls & Chirashi
When: Friday March 2nd
Where: Pender & Richards/Seymour
Why: “Place to Try” that was in the back-of-our minds for a while


Left: Avocado and Salmon Roll ($3.70)

Right: House Special Roll ($5.75)


Close-Up of the goods

(^^): Not bad, not great.  It would have helped if the rice wasn’t so “wet”.  Liked the use of the pickled daikon (radish) in the house roll.


Daily Special – Deluxe Chirashi Don ($11.50)


Spicy Tuna Roll ($3.25)

(^^): FYI. there was 6 pieces to the roll – we just ate the other two before the picture was taken.  Drenched in sauce …


(1/2 drank) Pork Bone Soup – offered on occasion in place of Miso (came with the Chirashi)

(^^): Great depth of flavor albeit on the oily side.

Likelihood of Revisiting: 0%  
Culinary Mindset: Convenience



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