Japanese Restaurants

Ajisai Sushi Bar (Kerrisdale)
Really delicious, well priced sushi. Even though we’ve been slightly disappointed due to soggy sushi rice on a couple of occasions, Ajisai is still our favorite place and where we take our out-of-town guests for Japanese.

likelihood of revisiting: 100%
culinary mindset: casual – all situations

Yamato Sushi (Yaletown)
Great for take-out and cheap! The best time to go is right around 5:30 because that’s when they are prepping all their ingredients for their dinner rush. The tempura is always crispy and hot at that time. If you need a quick fix for sushi, this is the place.

likelihood of revisiting: 100%
culinary mindset: quick/cheap meals/take-out

Kiisu Sushi (Yaletown)
Upbeat little shop, great for lunch or after work.  Above average sushi with an average price point.

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: casual (dine in or take out – limited seating)

Sushi Hiyori (Hornby Street)
Contemporary Rolls to the max – as some have commented, they do tend to “over sauce” their rolls to the point that you can’t taste the fish but sometimes that’s what you go for when taking the unconventional approach.

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: casual (dine in or take out – limited seating)

Shiro Sushi (Cambie Street)
The fish is fresh, the rice is soggy and the rolls are no good. The nigiri sushi are worth a try but I would skip the rolls.

likelihood of revisiting: 30% (only because my fiancé praised their fish that one time)
culinary mindset: casual

Roll Factory (Davie Street)
Great Combos!  Their specialty rolls avg. $7-$8 but you can upgrade to a combo for only $2 (miso soup and choice of salad).  They do a good job on all three components ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: very casual, almost a food court feel (dine-in or take-out)

Samurai Sushi (Davie Street)
Bigger isn’t always better.  Most memorable moment was when the waitress told me that my “hamachi kama needs to that (over)cooked else you will get sick”.

likelihood of revisiting: 0% (too many other food choices around for me to possibly go back)
culinary mindset: casual, eat cuz your hungry not cuz you want to enjoy

Juno Bistro (Davie Street)
If your gonna charge a particular price on Davie, you better impress me.  And no, calling yourself a “bistro” does not give you an excuse to take my money.  To be fair, the sushi isn’t actually “bad” it’s just not “good enough” or “fresh enough” for me to want foot the bill.

likelihood of revisiting: 20%
culinary mindset: casual/upbeat

Tokyo Miyako (Davie Street)
Tried it once – Didn’t like it.  Tried it again – Didn’t like the wait.  The first time, the rolls were no good but the cooked food was not bad.  Second time, tried the roll combos which weren’t bad.  Well worth the value and especially if you like your fish cold.  BUT you better be prepared to wait.  English may be an issue.

likelihood of revisiting: 33.33%
culinary mindset: casual, good place to chat without feeling rushed (as long as your not hungry!)

Temaki Sushi (W. Broadway)
One of the few Japanese Restaurant that you can comfortable situate families with toddlers. When my sister-in-law-to-be visited us with her 3 month old we started to realize the conveniences and inconveniences of particular restaurants. Temaki is spacious with large booths suitable for big groups of people. Overall, I am content with the food they serve for the prices they charge.

likelihood of revisiting: 5% normally, 80% if I”m in the neighborhood
culinary mindset: all situations

Osaka Sushi (Downtown Vancouver – Burrard Street)
Good sushi for it’s price.

likelihood of revisiting: 50%
culinary mindset: casual/”patio”

Sushi Bay (Kingsway)
Not feeling too adventurous, I ordered a mini chicken box (one of their lunch combo’s for $5.29). Because of the price, I really wasn’t expecting much but even keeping that fact in mind, there was no way I could finish off the box. It’s been a while since I ate there so I don’t want to give an overly exaggerated review, but I do remember that the sauce was definitely not teriyaki and the california rolls were no good.

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: starving

Shabusen (Granville Street)
Alright sushi WITH well marinated beef. How can you top that?

likelihood of revisiting: 75%
culinary mindset: gorge

Oishii Sushi (Denman Street)
While there was technically nothing wrong with our meal something about just doesn’t sit quite right with us. The balance in flavor and ingredients was just a bit off and while not completely amateurish not quite matured either

likelihood of revisiting: 15%
culinary mindset: it’s always good to try things at least once

Point Zero Lounge (Granville Street)
Amateurish taste and feel but a HUGE improvement from our experience at the eatery.

likelihood of revisiting: 33% if we’re in a drinking mood
culinary mindset: they named it a lounge for a reason lol~

Samurai Sushi House (Cambie Street)

Hapa Izakaya (Kits)

Gyoza King (Robson)

Kaide (Yaletown)


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