“To Eat” List

One of the reasons we moved to Vancouver, is the food scene.  Whether good or bad, there’s so many types of cuisines and restaurants to choose from.  Unfortunately, during our first month or so here we seemed to walk into all the “not so good” ones.  Now, I we never enter a restaurant without first checking the reviews/pictures/menus online.  Unless of course, there really is nothing else in the area or the store front is just that appealing.

Hence, I’ve become an avid food blog reader.  There’s so many places I want to try but it’s hard to keep track of them all – so why not creat a “to eat” list?

Portugese Egg Tarts posted by Foodists is now at the top of my list ^^

Myung Dong Kal Gook Soo – posted by Foodology – “check” ^^

Yagger’s Baha Spice Wings ($6.50 Tuesdays 4-8pm, reg $9.50)
– I LOVE wings, but I rarely go out for them.  I used to have a restaurant class deep fryer and a well-skilled Chinese Chef handy in Calgary so I never needed to, until now >< )
Based on almost all the wing reviews I could find, this one tickles my fancy ^^

HK BBQ Master – posted by Chowtimes

Butter Chicken at New Novelty as recommended by G

Kim Ga Nae – posted by Cheap Appetite

Toulouse – posted by Foodology 

… the list is longer… I’m sure of it.  (Just goes to show how bad my memory is ><)

– C.Herb –


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